Our Team


Tara Hampton - She can’t go without an iced matcha & extra lemon!

Owner and Founder of 32 Social, Tara is a successful entrepreneur leading multiple small businesses in the city of Battle Creek, Michigan. She is kind, driven, and especially passionate about connecting her community through health and wellness. On top of being a successful business owner, she is also a dedicated mother and spends her free time with her three daughters, the people she loves most. 32 Social was created through Tara’s passion to bring Battle Creek quality services and products. She believes that a small thing like a cup of coffee and tea or a quick bite to eat can start a relationship, a business or simply be a good start to a day. Through placing an emphasis of 32 Social being a "conscious cafe" Tara is able to introduce those in her community to some of her favorite meals, brands/products and options that still compliment a healthy and conscious lifestyle. 

To contact, call the shop at (269) 243-8201 or e-mail her at: tara@32socialcafe.com


Shelby Wolverton - Loves an iced vanilla latte as an afternoon pick-me-up!

Manager, social media operator, event co-coordinator, and barista. Although she may not always be behind the bar, she can most likely always be found in the building somewhere. She has worked in the food industry for 7 years, which includes some time on a ship in Hawaii that taught her the importance of a positive attitude. Shelby loves to seek adventure, work with children, and spend time with her closest friends and family members. She believes in the principle of being overwhelmingly kind and working hard because small things can make big differences. She believes in Tara’s passion for providing Battle Creek with high quality, health conscious, and still delicious products. However, her main goal in her role at the shop is to make everybody who enters -both staff and guests- feel welcome and loved.

To contact, call the shop at (269) 243-8201 or e-mail her at: shelby@32socialcafe.com


Jillian Slocum - Can almost always be found with an iced americano nearby!

Jillian admires how unique 32 Social is to Battle Creek. She says that she loves 32 Social because of this reason, but also because she gets the chance to talk to new people on a daily basis while proudly serving Populace Coffee. Jillian loves to spend her free time thrifting, being outside, and exploring new places, especially around Michigan. She also has a heart for children and spends a large amount of time serving them in the community.


Tess Hensel - Always sips on a hot chai with caramel but admires a smooth double shot of espresso , too!

A choreographer and performer at heart, Tess brings a lot of energy and fun to the work place. She choreographs around the Battle Creek and Kalamazoo areas and is also a singer, a writer, and an actor, too! She will be going to Columbia College Chicago this fall to study comedy writing and performance but she loves studying modern dance and ballet as well. She wanted to be a part of the team at 32 Social because she believes in Battle Creek, she appreciates the mentality of fostering community through coffee and now says “I LOVE YOU GUYS- you make it so easy to come to work!”